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Une anthologie des Boo Radleys, intitulée Find the way out, sortira le 4 juillet prochain. Le groupe a compilé et remasterisé des raretés, des faces B et les singles qui ont fait leur réputation (Does this hurt, Lazarus, Wish i was skinny, Wake up Boo…).
C’est Stephen Wood, le graphiste de toute leur discographie, qui s’est chargé de réaliser la pochette de ce double album.
A quand une reformation ?


01. Walking 5th Carnival (from 'Ichabod And I')
02. Catweazle (from 'Ichabod And I')
03. Hip Clown Rag (demo)
04. Kaleidoscope (from 'Kaleidoscope' EP)
05. The Finest Kiss (from 'Every Heaven' EP)
06. Everybird (from 'Boo Up!' EP)
07. Lazy Day (from 'Everything's Alright Forever')
08. Spaniard (from 'Everything's Alright Forever')
09. Does This Hurt (from 'Everything's Alright Forever')
10. Sunfly II: Walking With The Kings (from 'Boo! Forever' EP)
11. Buffalo Bill (from 'Boo! Forever' EP)
12. Lazarus (12" version) (from 'Lazarus' single)
13. Let Me Be Your Faith (b-side from 'Lazarus' single)
14. Thinking Of Ways (from 'Giant Steps')
15. Best Lose The Fear (from 'Giant Steps')
16. I Hang Suspended (from 'Giant Steps')
17. I've Lost The Reason (from 'Giant Steps')
18. Wish I Was Skinny (from 'Giant Steps')
19. Cracked Lips/Homesick (b-side from 'Barney (…And Me)' single)
20. Barney (…And Me) (from 'Giant Steps')


01. Wake up Boo: Music For Astronauts (from 'Wake Up!')
02. Blues For George Michael (b-side from 'Wake Up Boo: Music For Astronauts' single)
03. Find The Answer Within (from 'Wake Up!')
04. Joel (from 'Wake Up!')
05. It's Lulu (from 'Wake Up!')
06. Reaching Out From Here (from 'Wake Up!')
07. From The Bench At Belvidere (from 'From The Bench At Belvidere' EP)
08. Nearly Almost There (from 'From The Bench At Belvidere' EP)
09. What's In The Box? (See Watcha Got) (from 'C'mon Kids')
10. Four Saints (from 'C'mon Kids')
11. New Brighton Promenade (from 'C'mon Kids')
12. C'mon Kids (from 'C'mon Kids')
13. Ride The Tiger (from 'C'mon Kids')
14. Vote You (b-side from 'Ride The Tiger' single)
15. Free Huey (from 'Kingsize')
16. Kingsize (from 'Kingsize')
17. Comb Your Hair (from 'Kingsize')
18. Tomorrow
19. Put Your Arms Around Me And Tell Me Everythings Gonna Be OK (from 'Kingsize')
20. Blueroom In Archway (from 'Kingsize')



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